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On a cold and rainy night, you are sitting at home, warm and comfortable. You decide to make a trip to the store, so you eagerly put on your rain gear. You leave... on your bicycle!

Sounds crazy? Not too crazy, I hope. This website's goal is to help you use a bike as practical transportation, no matter what the conditions outside. However, even if you restrict your bicycle commuting to sunny days, there is plenty of information for you here.

If you must drive because your commute covers a long distance, you can still rely on bicycling to avoid traffic jams near to your destination. Just bring a bike with the car, and pull off your route when you reach the very slow traffic. After you park the car, finish the commute with your bicycle.

Why would you want to travel by bicycle? There are myriad possible reasons, including a desire to:

This site was created with a southern California perspective. I have no experience with biking on ice and snow, so I do not talk about that. Also, my discussion assumes that traffic travels forward on the right-hand side of a road. If you live in a left-hand drive country, you will have to sometimes swap the words "right" and "left" when I use them. Mostly, though, the information here applies to any cyclist.

This site was also created from the perspective of a non-parent. There are other resources to help you choose the best way to make bicycle trips with your children.

Before you explore this site, I encourage you to learn the names of bike parts, which might be mentioned within this website. If you see a word or phrase you don't know, check a glossary of bike terms.

After reading through this website, you might feel like bike commuting demands a lot of time and money to get properly equipped. Actually, I think it's possible to defer buying a lot of the gear until you're sure you want commute regularly. Also, if cycling causes you to drive less, your car expenses should decrease noticeably; you'll probably save enough money to pay for excellent gear.

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I hope this site helps you. Please send any comments to:

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