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What to do once you've arrived

You first ought to lock or store your bike.

If you arrive feeling hot, drink some cool water and rest a few minutes.

I don't sweat readily, and my bike travels are short. I usually don't feel (or smell) the need to clean myself or change clothes after arriving at a destination. In most cases, I do not require special attire for those destinations. However, if your situation is different, read on:

Especially when commuting to work in the morning, you might feel the need to clean up upon arrival. If your workplace has no showers, bring a washcloth in a resealable plastic bag and a small towel, to do a sort of sponge bath in a bathroom. Or, if there is a gym near your workplace, you could join it to use the showers.

You probably also need your work clothes, and maybe a fresh set of cycling clothes for the ride home.

If you use cycling shoes, they're not suitable to stand and walk in for a whole day of work. You could either pack work shoes each day or leave a pair at your workplace.