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Choosing bike features - frame material

Many bikes use steel alloys for their frames. This often results in a heavy frame, but you feel less vibration.

Bikes frames made mostly of aluminum tend to be lighter than steel, so cycling requires less effort. They also transmit shocks and vibrations to you without absorbing much of the energy, so you might be more sore (or annoyed) after a long ride. Beware that some bikes marketed as having an "aluminum frame" are remarkably heavy; I suspect that those frames also contain lots of heavier metals, and that the tubing is thick.

To put it simplistically, titanium parts combine the strength of steel with the lightness of aluminum.

Frames or parts made from composite material (such as carbon fibers bonded with an epoxy resin) are the lightest.

Typically, the lighter the material used to make a bike is, the more money the bike will cost you.