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Preventing flat tires

This section lists various products you can buy to prevent flat tires.

I believe that all of these solutions add extra weight and/or rolling resistance. Considering how disruptive flats are, it might be worth it. If you travel at night or in dangerous neighborhoods, then preventing flats is important for your personal safety.

I've never tried Slime Tire Sealant. If I understand it correctly, it's a liquid you pour into each tire's inner tube. If the tube is punctured, the liquid somehow reacts and seals the gash.

Self sealing tubes have a compound like the Slime Tire Sealant already installed inside them. I've used one. It didn't go flat for a long time, but I have no idea whether it actually did any self sealing while I had it.

Thorn resistant tubes are thicker on the side which faces outward. This will certainly help with shallow punctures which go into the rubber but simply aren't deep enough to reach the air inside the tube. In some cases, the thick material could create enough resistance to piercing to prevent a longer object from punching through.

Tires with Kevlar belts are supposed to prevent the tire from being completely pierced.

You can place tire liners made of Kevlar or plastic strips around the inside of each tire, shielding the inner tube. I found that these greatly reduce the frequency of flats, especially for thin tires and tubes.

You can buy tires and tubes that are solid throughout, rather than relying on air for a smooth ride. I haven't tried these but I imagine they must be heavy and make it harder to speed up or slow down.