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Product Reviews

To find reviews about a specific bicycle product, try the following:

Women and cycling

Team Estrogen
Google Directory

General information on bikes and cycling

Below are collections of short messages and articles about many bike issues. These could be especially helpful if you need technical advice on mechanical bike issues.

Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions
Sheldon Brown articles
Bicycle Universe

Regional websites

In general, you can search the League of American Bicyclists' State and Local Organizations Guide to locate nearby clubs or groups devoted to cycling. In particular, I want to publicize the following groups:

Cascade Bicycle Club - a club serving the Seattle and Puget Sound area, with an extensive and useful website.
Marin County Bicycle Coalition - their mission is promoting safe bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation. Some information is specific to Marin County and the San Francisco Bay area in California.
Santa Cruz Hub - an organization serving the Santa Cruz area of California, with local cycling information as well as general info about human powered transportation.
Greater Arizona Bicycling Association, Tucson - organizes rides and provides relevant information for Tucson riders.

Other related websites

World Carfree Network - features organizations devoted to reducing or eliminating automobile travel.