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To avoid being hit from behind by a car, you should also use at least one, and ideally two, battery-powered red taillights. You want two for the extra visibility, and in case one malfunctions or uses up all the batteries' power. These usually are inexpensive and use AA or AAA batteries, but are surprisingly bright.

They can produce a steady light, and they also have a variety of flashing patterns. However, continually flashing lights (for general safety use by vehicles) are illegal in California and other places, even though lights with the ability to flash are sold there.

The NiteRider taillight is reputed to be the brightest of all, and uses the same proprietary battery systems that power some NiteRider headlights.

Red rear reflector and two taillights

The photo shows a VistaLite Total Eclipse attached to the seat post and a Performance taillight to the frame. The light on the frame was sold by Performance Bike, but I've seen other brands with a seemingly identical light. It comes with both a quick-release mount and an elastic strap, to handle different mounting situations.

Taillight attached with a quick-release mount Taillight attached with an elastic band mount

The Performance light also comes with a strap for attaching to a backpack or something else.

Taillight hanging on a backpack