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Other accessories

A kickstand, shown in the left photo below, props up a bike without the need to lean the bike against something. The photo on the right shows a situation in which you would need a kickstand. The racks are too small to hold a bike upright.

Bicycle kickstand Row of small racks to receive bike wheels

Bar-ends, shown below, allow you to lean more forward when you want to assume a more efficient riding position or enjoy a change of posture. This is especially useful for bikes that put you in a more upright posture. You can have these added to almost any straight handlebar, such as those found on mountain, comfort, and hybrid bicycles.

Bar end on a mountain bike

For the downward curving handlebars seen on road bikes, aero bars offer a very similar function.

Both bar-ends and aero bars keep your hands away from the brake levers. This slows your braking response time in emergencies.

A cycle computer could be useful if you want to pace yourself or track your progress in a training regimen.

Bicycle computer

Common computer features are:

Some of the newer systems have additional features: