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Rain protection for your head

Hooded jacket

The hoods on jackets are unsafe if they don't cling to your head: when you turn your head sharply to look behind you, you can only see the inside of your hood. But a hooded jacket is fine if it remains tight on your head and turns with it (wearing a helmet will help make this happen).

Helmet cover

When the rain is light, you might find a helmet cover to be good enough. Your neck and face could get a little rain, depending on the direction it's falling. It's good to use a cover with reflective material on it, as seen in the photo on the right.

Rain-proof bicycle helmet cover Rain-proof bicycle helmet cover, reflecting light in the dark

Waterproof balaclava

The Kokatat balaclava has a rubberized surface, and is good for handling a chilling downpour. It protects your head and neck almost completely, and stops water from getting under your jacket's collar.

Unfortunately, the seams of that balaclava are not waterproof, so you might want to order a seam-sealing compound also. I bought a water-based seam sealer at a sporting goods store, and applied it along the seams inside the balaclava. It certainly works, but it made a real mess, because the sealer liquid went through the seams to the other side.

Rain-proof head and neck cover

I wish I'd placed a rag in a plastic bag, and then placed the balaclava on the rag while applying the compound. Then I could have thrown away the bag and rag.

If you find a sealing compound that is less messy, I'd love to hear about it. Maybe that silicone sealer (seen using that REI link I just gave) would be thick enough to not leak through the seam. I think Aqua-Seal might also work really well.