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Rain riding technique

Riding in the rain requires you to change your riding style a little. Consider the following tips.

Start braking early so your brake pads wipe off water from rims and make good contact.

Don't lean as much, go slower, and make your turns smooth, wide, and not sudden.

Be aware that certain items on the ground are exceptionally slippery:

When you cannot avoid a slick surface, you should either dismount and walk or roll over it by doing the following:

If you cannot actually see the ground at the bottom of a puddle, you should assume that there is a pothole.

The first rain after a long dry period lifts a lot of oil from the road, creating especially slippery conditions.

After riding in the rain, your bike will likely have some grit on it that should be cleaned off. It might be a good idea to shake or bounce the bike, then wipe it with a rag or towel, to get rid of water. If the bike experiences a lot of rain, then you should also lube the chain.