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Rain protection for your torso

There are very inexpensive rain jackets that offer both water resistance and ventilation. I bought this rain shell jacket for about US$10 on sale.

Rain-proof bicycle jacket

The white mesh along the sleeves will normally be facing down when you ride. Some water will collect there and drip off, but a little of that water could get on the sleeve of your shirt. Under this jacket, I normally wear a polypropylene long sleeve shirt, but anything will do if it's very breathable and also somewhat water resistant. I've not yet had a problem with my arms getting damp.

The mesh going down the sides of the torso could be a problem in heavy rain. Water can go through the mesh and remain in contact with the shirt underneath, soaking the sides of the shirt. However, you can prevent that by wearing under the jacket a cycling vest with a mesh back, waterproof sides, and openable front. The Pearl Izumi Zephrr vest would work well I think, if you want to buy a vest.