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Security - folding bicycle

Seldom do robbers confront cyclists and take their bikes. Thieves exploit the fact that you can't guard your bike at all times.

Or can you?

If you commute to work by bike, you might be able to bring it inside the workplace with you. This is a great solution, if it's permitted.

Wouldn't it be better, though, if you could always take the bike with you? This might be possible if you use a folding bicycle.

A folding bicycle is designed to be reduced quickly to an easily carried (or rolled) package. That package might be something like 57x55x25 cm (about 22x22x10 inches) and 11 kg (24 pounds) for an especially compact model. And I'm aware of light folding bikes that weigh as little as 8.7 kg (18.7 pounds). The time required to fold and unfold, with practice, could be less than 15 seconds or it could be more than a minute, depending on the design.

Some folding bikes have small wheels and a small number of gears. But you can also get folders with normal wheels that perform just like a regular bicycle; those will fold into larger dimensions than I just suggested above.

You can get folding bikes custom-built to the size you want. See, for example, Bike Friday.

It seems that folding bikes have been improving a lot in recent years, so it's probably better to buy a new one.

For more information, see A to B Magazine, The Folding Society, or search google.com.