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Planning a route

To do trip planning, you could search the web for information about bike paths and recommended routes. You might try google.com with something like "Los Angeles" bicycle map or "Los Angeles" bike path.

Even if you are an experienced cyclist in good shape, first practice bicycling or driving your intended route when traffic flow is similar to what you will experience during the real commute. You might discover some surprise problems that you will want to plan for.

The routes you first think to use may prove to be good for driving but not for cycling. By spending some free time wandering the areas you plan to bicycle through, you can discover some nice alternate routes. Good routes have:

For both safety and congestion reasons, you should avoid schools, stadiums, and large factories when many people are arriving or leaving.

To travel unfamiliar routes that might be too steep in parts, you could use a street map that is also a topographic map. Some map websites provide that.

Time yourself during a practice ride along your intended route, to know the travel time you will need. If you'll need to wash yourself after you arrive, add time for that. Also add the time you require to fix a flat tire; if you don't know how long that takes, guess maybe 15 minutes. Calculate the time at which you have to start your commute.